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Guardian Palisade Fencing B.S. 1722 PART 12

Palisade fencing is a very versatile fence, Palisade fencing has many applications from high security to low security use, Palisade fencing is used on industrial and commercial sites, schools, parks, playgrounds, and housing.

Palisade fencing has many variants, heights from 600mm to 3.6m, a range of pale tops, single point, triple point, square, or round and notched, finishes include hot dip galvanised, and powder coating to any standard RAL colour. Palisade fencing will follow the ground contours without the need for stepping.

Palisade fencing, D pale, galvanised Palisade fencing, round top, powder coated Palisade fencing, as wall topping Palisade fencing, W pale, galvanised