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Guardian Timber Fencing

Guardian traditional close board fencing complies with BS 1722 part 5 comprises mortised posts to take tennoned rails, and featheredge boards sitting on a gravel board, heights .900mm to 2.4m.

Guardian traditional palisade fencing is constructed as close board fencing except clad with hit and miss pales and finished with square, Pointed or round tops, heights .900mm to 2.4m

The above can also be installed in panel form 1.8m wide with square, bow or scalloped tops set in timber or concrete posts.

Timber close board fencing Post and rail fencing

Guardian Temporary Fencing

Site hoarding constructed from timber posts, rails and clad with plywood panels, optional finish top and bottom fascia boards and painting, offers a good solid fence with restricted vision to the site.

Wire mesh panels installed on blocks and clipped together can be easily dismantled, moved and reinstalled, allows full vision to site.

Guardian chain link is the original multi-purpose fencing system, chain link will follow the ground contours, chain link can be installed on timber, angle iron or tubular systems.

Temporary site fencing Temporary site hoarding